Chair Chuck Smith
Vice Chair Woody Ensor
Treasurer  Kevin Armstrong
Secretary  Christine Connell
Membership Director Richard W. Schulte
Newsletter Editor Dave Cardarella
Central Ohio Regional Director Amelia Costanza
Southwest Ohio Regional Director Don Burrell
West Central Ohio Regional Director Dan Carrigan
Eastern Ohio Regional Director Frank Krygowski
Northeast Ohio Regional Director Melissa Thompson
Southeast Ohio Regional Director Michael Paprocki
Northwest Ohio Regional Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
At-large Director 1 (Legislative/ODOT Liaison) Tricia Kovacs
At-large Director 2 (Bicycle law) Steve Magas
At-large Director 3 (Commuting & Trikes) Bracy Elton
At-large Director 4 (Columbus) Suzanne Birk
At-large Director 5 (Grant Writer) Andy Davis
At-large Director 6 (Akron) Phyllis Jividen
At-large Director 7 (Cleveland) Jim Sheehan
At-large Director 8 (Competitive Cycling) Karen Wells-Hamilton


For biographical information and photographs, see  Board Member's Profiles.