Cycling is Safe

Position papers and validation of our contention that bicycling is a safe activity.

Reforming Bicycle Traffic Laws

Your Ohio Bicycling Federation has the following proposals and informative articles available.  

"Cyclist Friendly" Communities Award

"Bicycle Friendly" has become a buzzword, but what is important is treating cyclists fairly and encouraging the best and safest practices. Many of the most important measures to help cyclists cost little or nothing!

Ohio Bike and Pedestrian Crashes

OBF has developed maps showing the locations of bicycle and pedestrian crashes, which provide data to support the need for legislation to make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

The bike map was generated from ODPS data downloaded on 4/6/2016 by Patricia Kovacs in support of the mission of Ohio Bicycle Federation to promote cycling in Ohio. The latest year (2016) is incomplete due to delay in submitting reports to ODPS, so this map will be updated quarterly. Crashes that involve a fatality, injury or propery damage (PDO) > $1000 which were reported to law enforcement are required to be submitted to the ODPS. For bike/bike crashes, the Motorist fields will have MotoristUnitType = Bicycle/Pedalcyclist. For single vehicle bike crashes, the Motorist fields will be zero or unknown. Layers can be deselected to see one year only.

Note: the points in Nebraska have incorrect longitude in the crash report. But the crash report tells you where the crash happened in Ohio. Also, many records could not be shown because they have incorrect latitude and longitude, particularly in 2011 & 2012.