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Education & Safety

Motorist Education

We have recommended materials for use at driving schools and for the general motoring public. Click Here to see the material.

Cycling Safely and Efficiently

(The following have been contributed by Fred Oswald)

  • Cycling Information Resources includes links to safety articles, children's programs, and a list of Ohio's certified "Bike Ed" instructors.
  • Digest of Ohio Bicycle Traffic Laws (compiled by OBF members) contains excerpts from Ohio traffic laws and what they mean for cyclists.
  • Teaching Cycling to Children is a compilation of ideas and resources for teaching children (and their parents) good cycling techniques.
  • PDF fileBicycle Safety Hang Cards print on light cardboard to make safety handouts. Give to bike shops for hanging from new bikes, or use as safety reminder. Both adult and parent's versions.
  • Cycling Shorts”—Short Bicycle Education Messages. This page has several short messages intended for newspapers, news releases, etc. Some are intended for cyclists, others for parents or for motorists who share the road with cyclists.

Other bicycle safety resources

The web travel site “TripBuzz” has an informative page about bike safety. (Kathleen, 4/9/14)

Reporting malfunctioning traffic signals

If you do not have contact information for the jurisdiction controlling malfunctioning traffic lights, call 614-387-0722 or email to report the location and they'll inform the responsible city/county and recommend increasing the sensitivity and/or installing symbols where to place the bicycle to trigger the detector. (3/1/13)

Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts

ODOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Office

The Ohio Department of Transportation's Bicycling Home Page contains maps and regional information. You can click on the Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts icon to the right to see an on-line version of this helpful pamphlet. (4/5/13)

Please contact Julie Walcoff (below) and let her know that you want the revised Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts: (7/6/15)

Julie Walcoff
Ohio Department of Transportation
Bicycle Pedestrian and Safe Routes to School Program Manager
1980 W. Broad Street; 3260
Columbus, OH 43223

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